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Gracious vs Cordial vs Affable vs Genial vs Sociable

Gracious, cordialaffablegenialsociable are used to describe persons or their words or acts who or which are markedly pleasant and easy in social intercourse.

Gracious implies kindliness and courtesy especially to inferiors. When it carries the latter implication, it more often suggests kindly consideration than condescension.

Cordial stresses warmth and heartiness.

Affable implies approachability and readiness to talk in the person conversed with or addressed; when applied to a social superior, it sometimes connotes condescending familiarity but more often a gracious willingness to be friendly.

Genial sometimes emphasizes cheerfulness and even joviality. Often, however, it stresses qualities that make for good cheer among companions (as warm human sympathy and a fine sense of humor).

Sociable implies a genuine liking for the companionship of others and readiness to engage in social intercourse even with strangers or inferiors.