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Get vs Obtain vs Procure vs Secure vs Acquire vs Gain vs Win

Getobtainprocuresecureacquiregainwin are comparable and often interchangeable when they mean to come into possession of.

Get is very general in its meaning and simple and familiar in its use. Thus, one may get something by fetching, by extracting, by receiving, or as a return.

Obtain is likewise rather general. It may suggest that the thing sought has been long desired or that it has come into possession only after the expenditure of considerable effort or the lapse of considerable time.

Procure is likely to suggest planning and contriving over a period of time and the use of unspecified or sometimes questionable means.

Secure may suggest safe lasting possession or control or it may suggest the gaining of what is hard to come by (as by reason of rarity or competition for possession); thus, one secures, rather than gets or acquires, a rare stamp by offering a higher price than other interested persons will pay.

Acquire may suggest devious acquisition. It may also indicate continued, sustained, or cumulative acquisition.

Gain often implies competition in acquiring something of value.

Win, though often interchangeable with gain, may suggest, as gain does not, favorable qualities leading naturally to the acquisition of something desired despite competition or obstacles.