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Estrange vs Alienate vs Disaffect vs Wean

Estrange, alienatedisaffectwean are comparable when meaning to cause one to break a bond or tie of affection or loyalty.

Estrange implies separation with consequent indifference or hostility; alienate may or may not suggest actual separation, but it does imply loss of affection or interest or withdrawal of support and often connotes a diversion of that affection or interest to another object.

Estrange is preferable when the indifference or hostility is mutual, alienate when the blame can be fixed on one person or on a third person.

Disaffect is more often used with reference to groups from whom loyalty is expected or demanded; it stresses such effects of alienation without separation as unrest, discontent, or rebellion.

Wean implies separation from something which has a strong hold on one or on which one depends in the manner of a nursling on its mother. Unlike the other words, it often suggests merit rather than fault in the person who breaks the bond.