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Equanimity vs Composure vs Sangfroid vs Phlegm

Equanimity, composure, sangfroid, phlegm mean the mental temper of one who is self-possessed or not easily disturbed or perturbed.

Equanimity suggests either a proper mental balance or a constitutionally equable temper; it therefore may imply either a delicate adjustment of one’s emotional and mental powers that is liable to disturbance only under great strain or a settled attitude of mind which repels all that disturbs.

Composure commonly implies the conquest of mental agitation or disturbance by an effort of will, though it may imply a temperamental freedom from agitation.

Sangfroid implies great coolness and steadiness especially under strain.

Phlegm suggests an apathy of mind or sluggishness of temperament that results from a physical condition rather than from discipline or self-control; it therefore suggests even greater imperturbability and insensitiveness than any of the preceding terms.