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Engagement vs Appointment vs Rendezvous vs Tryst vs Assignation vs Date

Engagementappointmentrendezvoustrystassignationdate mean a promise or an agreement to be in an agreed place at a specified time, usually for a particular purpose.

Engagement is the general term usable in place of any of the others.

Appointment is applied chiefly to an engagement with a person who because of the exigencies of his office, his profession, or his position in life must keep a calendar and apportion his time carefully among those who wish to consult him professionally or confer with him.

Rendezvous may designate a place agreed upon for the meeting of persons, often a group of persons <the old soldiers made the town hall their rendezvous >  but it usually connotes a pledge or covenant (often an implicit one) to meet something or someone that cannot be escaped without violation of one’s honor.

Tryst is chiefly poetic; like rendezvous, it may designate the place of meeting (which, however, is more often termed trysting place) as well as the agreement to meet at a certain place, but the latter is the commoner denotation of tryst.

Assignation usually denotes a lovers’ tryst, but it commonly conveys a suggestion of an illicit love or of a clandestine meeting.

Date is used especially of casual engagements between friends or of an agreed meeting between a young man and young woman.