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Elastic vs Expansive vs Resilient vs Buoyant vs Volatile vs Effervescent

Elasticexpansiveresilientbuoyantvolatileeffervescent are comparable when describing persons, their temperaments, moods, acts, or words and meaning indicative of or characterized by ease or readiness in the stimulation of spirit and especially of high spirits.

Elastic implies an incapacity for being kept down in spirits; specifically it may suggest an ability to recover quickly from a state of depression or a tendency to moods of exaltation, elation, or optimism.

Expansive implies exaltation of spirit that tends to make a person unusually genial, communicative, or sociable.

Resilient usually implies a return to normal good spirits, which may or may not be high spirits.

Buoyant implies such lightness or vivacity of heart or spirits as is either incapable of depression or that readily shakes it off.

Volatile implies diametrical opposition to all that is serious, sedate, or settled; it therefore suggests lightness, levity, or excessive buoyancy of spirits and often flightiness or instability.

Effervescent implies liveliness, often boisterousness of spirits; it often suggests the effect of release after restraint and even more than buoyant implies the impossibility of suppression so long as the mood or temper lasts.