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Eject vs Expel vs Oust vs Evict vs Dismiss

Ejectexpeloustevictdismiss mean to force or thrust something or someone out.

Eject, although it is the comprehensive term of this group and is often interchangeable with any of the others, carries the strongest implication of throwing out from within. So emphatic is this suggestion that the term covers actions so far apart as those implied by dislodge, disgorge, vomit, emit, discharge, and many other terms.

Expel stresses a thrusting out or a driving away; it therefore more regularly implies the use of voluntary force or compulsion than does eject and indicates more clearly than eject an intent to get rid of for all time; thus, the stomach ejects (rather than expels ) material in vomiting since the emphasis is on casting out from within; one expels (rather than ejects ) air from the lungs since in this case a degree of voluntary force and permanent ridding are both implicit.

Oust implies a removal or dispossession by the power of the law or, in more general use, by the exercise of force or by the compulsion of necessity.

Evict means to turn out (as from house or home or one’s place of business) by legal or equally effective process, commonly for nonpayment of rent.

Dismiss (see also DISMISS ) stresses a getting rid of something such as a legal case by rejecting a claim or prayer and refusing it further consideration r a fear, a grudge, or a hatred by ejecting it from the mind or thoughts or an unwelcome subject, duty, or prospect by taking adequate measures to ensure its no longer annoying or confronting one.