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Dignify vs Ennoble vs Honor vs Glorify

Dignify, ennoble, honor, glorify mean to invest a person or thing with something that elevates or uplifts his or its character or raises him or it in human estimation.

Dignify distinctively implies the addition of something that adds to the worth of a person or thing or, more often, to the estimation in which he or it is held or should be held.

Ennoble, though closely akin to dignify, does not so much suggest an added grace or dignity as a grace or dignity that comes as a natural result; literally it denotes a raising to the nobility, but typically it implies a raising in moral character or in moral esteem or in qualities that rid the person or thing of all suspicion of pettiness, meanness, or selfishness and exalt him or it above ordinary status.

Honor may imply the giving of reverence or of deep respect to that to which it is due.

It may imply also the giving of something to a person or sometimes a thing that increases the distinction or the esteem in which he or it is held; in neither sense, however, is there any suggestion of an effect that touches the one honored except in externals.

Glorify rarely except in religious use carries its basic implication of exalting a man to heavenly beatitude or of advancing the glory of God through prayer or good works, but it retains the suggestions of casting a transfiguring light upon or of honoring in such a way as to increase a person's or thing's glory.

In general, it implies investing with a splendor or with a glory that lifts above the ugly, the commonplace, the ordinary, or, often, the true.