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Difference between Weather, Wether and Whether

Weather, as a noun, refers to the atmosphere with respect to heat or cold, wetness or dryness, calm or storm, and clearness or cloudiness over a short time period. As a verb, it can also mean to endure or resist.

  • The weather is too cold to attempt an outdoor run.
  • Some nations will be able to weather the financial crisis.

Note: Unlike the word weather, the word climate refers to how the atmosphere behaves over a long time period.

Wether is a male sheep or ram, or a castrated ram or billy goat.

  • A wether flock invaded the town unexpectedly and scared many.

Whether introduces an indirect question, involving implied choices, or presents alternative conditions or possibilities.

  • We have great concert seats, whether by chance or on purpose.
  • Training is needed whether you are an employee or a manager.