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Difference between Hard line money and Hard money

hard line money(Nautical) extra pay in consideration of special hardships (also: hard-lying money):

  • Besides, there is hardline money, which makes up for a good many discomforts.

hard money

1. (also: hard cash) money in its proper form, as distinguished from checks, etc.:

  • Husbandmen, like other laborers, are paid in hard money by the week.

2. a currency with a high exchange value, not easily subject to depreciation:

  • International speculators trashed the ruble, Russia’s national currency, and looted the country’s hard-money reserves.

3. (also: tight money) money available to borrowers at high interest rates and short payback:

  • Due to the immense amount of loans, the bank had a significant lack of “hard money” available to its users.

4. (U.S.) political donations to party organizations subject to legal restrictions:

  • Parties and candidates may use hard money donations for all political purposes.

Note: The expression does not fully correlate in meaning with the phrase hard currency— = hard money 2:

  • The trade imbalance and the drain of gold and hard currency reserves have lessened.

See also: soft currency / soft money.