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Difference between Green man and Greensman

green man

1. a symbol of a walking figure illuminated green on some pedestrian crossings:

  • When the green man shows and the traffic has stopped, you can cross.

2. (dated) an inexperienced man or sailor:

  • I am afraid we would have killed a green man, traveling and working as we did.

3. commissionaires working outside Harrods (the fashionable London retail store):

  • Two traditionally dressed Harrod’s “Green Men” greeted guests at the entrance.

Note: The expression does not correlate in meaning with the phrase little green men

1. mysterious extra-terrestrial beings of science fiction:

  • Her story of being kidnapped by little green men was sheer absurdity.

2. pulsars (stars detected by pulsating radio signals only):

  • An entirely novel kind of star was referred to by astronomers as LGM (Little Green Men).

greensman—(Movie Production) a member of the crew who decorates the ground with grass, flowers, etc. on an environment used for filming:

  • Greensmen with water trucks began work a month before the shooting crew.