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Difference between Green goods and Green stuff

green goods

1. fresh vegetables and fruit:

  • Mass merchandisers have realized that they can make serious money selling green goods.

2. (sl.) counterfeit money:

  • The janitor states that in his opinion, Stillman, Myth and Co. were in the “greengoods” business.

green stuff

1. various leafy plants (like lettuce) used as food:

  • After a luncheon, during which he ate enormous quantities of green stuff, the two went for a walk.

2. (of wood, etc.) not thoroughly dried; unseasoned:

  • The fire’s all right. I put out a quart of kerosene and there’s stacks of green stuff.

3. (U.S. sl.) paper money:

  • I now have so much green stuff, I don’t know what to do with it.