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Difference between Good-time Charley and Good-time man

good-time Charley—(coll.) an affable, fun-loving person:

  • Wally is such a good-time Charley. Who would believe the trouble he’s had?

good-time man

1. = good-time Charley:

  • Instead of tending to his business, Ilya was too busy chasing women, throwing parties and just being a good-time man.

2. (U.S. Drug users) a man who sells drugs:

  • Max is the main good-time man in this neighborhood.

Note: The expression does not correlate in meaning with the phrase good-time girl—a girl with loose morals; a call girl:

  • John Profumo, a government minister, was caught having an affair with Christine Keeler, a good-time girl.