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Difference between Go to ground and Go to the ground

go to ground

1. fall down:

  • Larsson claimed a penalty when he went to ground after a tussle with Amoruso.

2. (also: go to earth) go into hiding; put oneself out of sight:

  • Some key gang leaders had been arrested and the assumption was that the others had “gone to ground.”

go to the ground

1. = go to ground 1:

  • Several of us were hit including me who went to the ground in a pool of blood.

2. be overcome; perish:

  • Each vagabond that arrived bent his neck to the yoke of gain…. The strong survived, the weaker went to the ground.

Note: The expression does not fully correlate in meaning with the phrase go on the ground= go to the ground 1:

  • She went on the ground and I picked her up and a couple of fellows came along, saying, “Do you want any help, officer?”