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Difference between Go on the streets and Take to the streets

go on the streets

1. go out into the streets:

  • After finishing home duties, people go on the streets to walk up and down to meet their friends, to socialize.

2. demonstrate for or against smth.:

  • In Japan, whose labor force is among the highest paid in the world, thousands of people go on the streets every year as well.

3. work as a prostitute:

  • They went into service, and when they found that they were expected to dust chairs and wash up breakfast things they went on the streets.

take to the streets

1. = go on the streets 1:

  • She takes to the streets daily in response to calls from tenants to investigate nuisance neighbors.

2. = go on the streets 2:

  • The students took to the streets in support of the health workers’ claim for higher wages.