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Difference between Go on the air and Walk on air

go on the air—(also: come on the air)

1. (Radio, TV) begin broadcasting:

  • The radio station went on the air shortly after the storm.

2. (of a program) be broadcast:

  • Certain programs go on the air in the form of a mixture of live and recorded segments.

3. speak over the radio:

  • I suppose you never know who is listening in when you go on the air.

walk on airfeel very happy or euphoric:

  • I was walking on air the day I handed the manager the final check to settle our bill.

Note: The expression does not fully correlate in meaning with the phrase dance on air

1. = walk on air:

  • As you can probably imagine, when I received Melanie’s letter, I was dancing on air.

2. (sl.) die by hanging:

  • For every night, from now until then, you will dance on air with a hempen rope around your neck.