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Difference between Go flat and Go flat out

go flat

1. spread out lying at full length:

  • I would usually go flat on the ground in case the door was trapped with a grenade.

2. (coll.) lose enthusiasm or interest:

  • I get quite interested for about five minutes and then—poof! I go flat like a burst balloon.

3. (of a battery) run down; lose charge:

  • Darren has called the Automobile Association twice: once when the battery went flat….

4. (of a tire) be deflated (after a puncture):

  • After driving on the freeway, all four of Torty’s tires went flat.

5. (of beer) lose flavor; become stale:

  • Not only will the beer suddenly go flat: the extra oxygen will rapidly burn the alcohol out of the client’s bloodstreams.

go flat out—(coll.) do smth. with all one’s energy:

  • Our vote is holding up well and we will be going flat out to win over the undecided voters.