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Difference between Go down like a bomb and Go like a bomb

go down like a bomb—(UK coll.)

1. be very successful; be received with great enthusiasm (also: go down a bomb):

  • All the songs went down like a bomb…. You could hear a pin drop as he sang the melancholic ballad in the deathly silence.

2. (rare) fail to have the intended effect; produce disappointment:

  • His dream was to make a car that would go down like a bang…. Then a terrible recession ensured that by the time this futuristic car was available it went down like a bomb.

go like a bomb—(coll.)

1. (of articles on sale) sell in great numbers:

  • Suits like that go like a bomb in London stores right now.

2. = go down like a bomb 1:

  • A slight failure with the pudding makes the other women happy and the evening goes like a bomb.

3. (of a vehicle) run extremely well; go very fast:

  • My car goes like a bomb since I put that new engine in and I’m really enjoying it!