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Difference between Go all the way and Go the full distance

go all the way

1. successfully complete smth. not stopping halfway:

  • The government didn’t go all the way; it restricted advertising by tobacco companies, but didn’t ban it.

2. (euph.) have sex (as distinguished from other forms of caressing):

  • Unmarried women were not supposed to “go all the way.” They were expected to remain virgins until they married.

go the full distance—(also: go the distance)

1. (Sport) continue running or playing until the end of the race or match:

  • Even though the race course was in bad condition, all the horses went the full distance.

2. = go all the way 1:

  • We will go the full distance to ensure customer satisfaction and the highest possible

level of quality. Cf.: go the extra mile—take extra effort; work longer or harder than expected:

  • Hefflinger is a prime example of a coach who is willing to go the extra mile for the improvement of his team.