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Difference between Give something off and Give something out

give something off—(of smell, vapor, etc.) release; send out:

  • The Daimler stood patiently in the sun outside, its leather giving off a hot smell.

give something out

1. hand smth. out; distribute smth.:

  • Several people have been arrested in Red Square for giving out leaflets.

2. make smth. known; announce smth.:

  • Whatever made you give such a terrible piece of news out on the morning of the girl’s wedding?

3. (of sound, light, etc.) send out:

  • The ship gave out radio signals for help until she sank.

Note: Neither expression correlates in meaning with the phrase give something away

1. give smth. free of charge:

  • The young man gave all his possessions away and went to live on a small island.

2. (of prizes, awards, etc.) distribute:

  • Do you really think it necessary to drag the Mayor in, just to give away a few certificates to kids.

3. betray a secret; reveal smth.:

  • Kylie was very secretive about reports that she’s planning to wed Martinez … but singer Dannii has given the secret away.

4. waste smth. such as an opportunity, etc.:

  • If you give your chances away like that, how can you expect to win the game.