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Difference between Give someone a run-down and Run someone down

give someone a run-down—(coll.) give a person a brief survey of facts (also: give someone a run-through):

  • After she gave me a rundown of her “typical day,” it was apparent why she was exhausted.

Note: The expression is not equivalent in meaning to the phrase run it down to someone(U.S. sl.) describe or explain a situation; tell a person the whole truth about smth.:

  • I tried to figure out the best way to run it down to this girl that they didn’t have to live in this town.

run someone down

1. (also: run someone over) knock smb. to the ground with a vehicle (usually Passive):

  • He was run down by a vehicle operated by another member of the staff.

2. speak of a person in a disparaging or critical manner:

  • I wish you’d stop running me down all the time. I resent it, and I won’t stand for it.

3. find or capture smb. after a long search or chase:

  • The airport police finally ran him down at the far end of the Lost Luggage hangar.

Note: The expression does not correlate in meaning with the adjectival phrase run downexhausted and weak:

  • The doctor said I was completely run down and I need to change my lifestyle.