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Difference between Give someone a ride and Take someone for a ride

give someone a rideoffer a person a ride on a horse, bicycle, etc.:

  • Five children, who helped catch two thieves, are to be given a ride in a police panda car.

take someone for a ride

1. = give someone a ride:

  • When the weather is nice and she feels up to it I take her for a ride. I like to drive, and I like to have her beside me.

2. (sl.) mislead or swindle a person (also: take someone for a sleigh ride):

  • Don’t give them any money until you have seen the goods. They may be taking you for a ride.

3. (Underworld) take a person on a car journey with the intention of murdering or kidnapping:

  • No one would ever know whether he had quietly faded into voluntary oblivion or had been “taken for a ride.”