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Difference between Give someone a nice time and Give someone a hard time

give someone a nice time —(also: show someone a nice time)

1. be very attentive and friendly to smb.:

  • They are very interested to hear of my tour and do anything to give me a nice time.

2. is used with a sexual connotation:

  • This was my first visit and it was fun. A girl named Venassa was very friendly and gave me a nice time.

give someone a hard time—(also: give someone a rough time)

1. create a difficult or unpleasant situation for smb.:

  • I started going out of my way to avoid the people who were giving me a hard time.

2. rebuke or reprimand a person:

  • I figured it was an awkward enough episode as it was, and I felt no need to give him a hard time about it.