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Difference between Give someone a line and Give someone line

give someone a line

1. give a person information about smth.:

  • Maybe she can give me a line on a place to stay.

2. (coll.) give smb. false or misleading information (also: feed someone a line):

  • It didn’t matter much whether Frank was giving her a line, or really loved her.

3. (also: give someone a line or two) send smb. a brief note or letter:

  • If you would like more information regarding this music, please give me a line.

Note: The expression does not fully correlate in meaning with the phrase drop someone a line— = give someone a line 3:

  • Upon receiving your submission, your editor will drop you a line acknowledging receipt.

give someone line —(also: give someone rope) give a person freedom of action (in order that he may reveal himself ):

  • She was persuaded he would ruin all, but she was resolved to give him line.