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Difference between Give someone a hand and Give someone one’s hand

give someone a hand

1. help smb. with a task, etc.:

  • Give me a hand with this case, will you?

2. applaud a person:

  • Come on, give them a hand. They did very well.

Note: The expression does not correlate in meaning with the phrase give someone a free handgive smb. freedom of action in affairs:

  • He accepted the job after the prime minister agreed to give him a free hand in key economic issues.

give someone one’s hand—

1. agree formally to smth.:

  • Yes, I agree to your marrying my daughter, and I give you my hand upon it.

2. (of a woman) agree to marry a man:

  • Bruno and Evandra have loved each other for six years, but she refuses to give him her hand.