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Difference between Give someone a black eye and Give someone a black look

give someone a black eye

1. bruise or discolor smb.’s eye by a blow:

  • He grew angry and we mixed it. I gave him a black eye.

2. harm a person’s character or reputation:

  • The constant complaining gave the whole group a black eye.

Note: The expression does not correlate in meaning with the phrase give someone the evil eye—look fierce or vicious; stare at smb. in a bad way:

  • The Highway Patrolman gave me the evil eye as we both headed out of the parking lot. He didn’t look quite so friendly anymore.

give someone a black look —(also: look black at someone) frown or look angrily at a person:

  • Mama gave her a black look and everyone else glanced at her for a moment as if she were quite mad.