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Difference between Give an eye to someone and Give someone the eye

give an eye to someonelook after a person; give attention to smb.:

  • Now go into the garden and give an eye to the children.

give someone the eye

1. (also: give someone the big eye) look at a person with an open display of romantic interest:

  • He was standing over by the bar and kept giving me the eye.

2. look at smb. in a way that shows that one is angry with that person:

  • It was time to go—Dave was tired and I was sure the nurse was giving me the eye.

Note: The expression does not correlate in meaning with the phrase give someone the eyeroll—roll one’s eyes upward in annoyance at what another person is saying:

  • It does make my doctor give me the eyeroll sometimes, but he understands me very well.