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Difference between Give a name to something and Give one’s name to something

give a name to somethingassign a name to a thing:

  • Go to a village and ask a peasant what his religion is. He will not be able to give a name to his religion.

give one’s name to something—(also: lend one’s name to something) allow one’s name to be associated with smth.:

  • He gave his name to a well-known brand of frozen food.

Note: The expression does not correlate in meaning with the phrase have someone’s name on it—(also: have someone’s name written all over it)

1. (of a bomb, bullet, etc.) be the instrument of a person’s fate:

  • The bomb probably had my name on it in the first place.

2. be especially suitable or intended for a particular person:

  • Come on, Paul, there’s one piece of chocolate cake left and it’s got your name on it.

3. be characteristic of a particular person:

  • When I heard about the prank, I felt it had Steve’s name written all over it.

See also: put one’s name down for something / put one’s name to something.