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Difference between Get through to someone and Get through with someone

get through to someone

1. get in touch with smb. by telephone:

  • It is very rare that you will get through to the right person on the first call.

2. succeed in being understood or accepted by a person:

  • Few teachers can get through to students who don’t want to learn.

get through with someonefinish punishing or scolding a person:

  • When the teacher had got through with the class, they felt very ashamed.

Note: Neither expression correlates in meaning with the phrase get someone through—(also: put someone through)

1. cause smb. to pass an examination, go through a course of study, etc.:

  • I was able to get all my students through, except three whose English was the weakest.

2. put smb. in touch with a person by telephone:

  • After some time the operator finally got me through.