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Difference between Get the show on the road and Road show

get the show on the roadput a plan, idea, etc. into action:

  • He checked his watch. “Shouldn’t we get this show on the road, now that Rolfe’s here?”

Note: The expression is not antonymous in meaning to the phrase steal the showdo better than another person (in a theatrical production, etc.) and so make oneself the centre of attention:

  • They won the two most entertaining matches of the night and stole the show.

road show

1. a touring group of theatrical or musical performers:

  • Teddy and Phil began their circus career by joining a road show.

2. a show given by a touring group of performers:

  • This is like watching a road show with a cast that’s not quite ready for prime time yet.

3. a promotional tour by a company (to publicize its products, etc.):

  • The road show visits five states and incorporates six events including trade evenings.