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Difference between Get out of the way and Put oneself out of the way

get out of the way

1. stand aside or withdraw:

  • John dived for cover but the camera-man played it cool, pausing to switch on the camera before getting out of the way.

2. (also: get out of my way) used as a rude command for a person to move from his place or to go away:

  • “Get out of the way,” the man shouted and pushed him.

put oneself out of the way

1. (also: go out of one’s way) go to a lot of trouble to do smth. well:

  • Why should Lady Castlewood put herself out of the way to welcome the young stranger?

2. remove oneself from the scene:

  • So he went abroad, to put himself out of the way … and also as a matter of personal development.