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Difference between Get a word in and Put a word in

get a word in —(also: get in a word) succeed in saying smth. when other people are talking ignoring you:

  • You are so hotheaded and exclamatory that I cannot get a word in.

Cf.: get a word in edgewise—used as an emphatic variant of the former:

  • I want to ask him about the book, but it’s a little hard to get a word in edgewise. Everyone’s animated and talking all at once.

put a word in —(also: put in a word)

1. contribute an utterance to a conversation:

  • He seemed oblivious to the fact that Picard had been trying to put a word in for the past minute or two.

2. speak in support of smb.; recommend a person:

  • You may depend upon my putting in a word for you whenever I can.