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Difference between Get a foot in and Put a foot in

get a foot instart working at a low level in the hope of getting a better position in the future:

  • Baker was soon playing bit parts on the stage, got a foot in at the National Theatre, and then the big break came.

Cf.: get a foot on the housing laddermanage to buy one’s first house so that one can buy a better second house later:

  • Soldiers are to be offered interest-free Government loans to help them get a foot on the housing ladder.

put a foot ininterfere in smth.:

  • Whatever happens to me, I won’t have this fellow Getliffe putting a foot in.

Note: The expression does not correlate in meaning with the phrase put the boot in(coll.)

1. kick a person in a brutal manner:

  • With that lot it’s not too bad as long as you stay on your feet. If they get you down they put the boot in.

2. take unfair advantage of smb., especially when the person is already defeated:

  • They rough him up when he gives evidence, and then, while the bruising is still fresh, they put the boot in by issuing a critical report.