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Difference between Gain credit and Get credit

gain credit

1. receive recognition, praise, or approval:

  • It was Alberto Santos-Dumont who gained credit for building the first dirigible that could be maneuvered through the air.

2. complete a part of the higher education course (passing a test, etc.):

  • Students may seek approval to use previously gained credit toward a new program of study.

3. (of rumors, etc.) acquire credence; be generally believed:

  • An accusation so improbable gained but little credit.

get credit

1. = gain credit 1:

  • The governor, who has the lowest approval rating of any California governor, doesn’t even get credit for what he has accomplished.

2. = gain credit 2:

  • Students may not get credit for more than one writing intensive course in a semester.

3. be allowed a period of time before one has to pay for goods and services:

  • In many cases rural households get credit for the goods they purchase from traders.