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Difference between Front man and Frontsman

front man

1. a man who publicly represents a person or an organization:

  • The former adviser now serves as a front man for a large foundation.

2. (also: straw man) a respectable man who serves as a cover for a questionable enterprise:

  • Department of Justice investigators believe that Earl Browder is a mere front-man.

3. the lead performer in a musical group:

  • The keyboard player is the front man for this band and he puts on a great, high energy show.

4. a television presenter:

  • Dimbleby is the most accomplished front-man in television’s history.

Note: The expression does not correlate in meaning with the phrase front runnera competitor who performs best or is in a leading position:

  • Until several days ago, she was a front runner in this week’s Democratic primary.


1. = front man 1:

  • The frontsman at the inquiry desk is sympathetic and directs us to come back in an hour to ask the boss.

2. = front man 3:

  • Throughout his career, the frontsman, composer, and sax player Blicher has been influenced by the great songwriters.