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Difference between Freeze someone out and Put the freeze on someone

freeze someone out—(coll.) exclude a person from business, etc. by severe competition:

  • They can bring a stock down to the lowest point, thus “freezing out” the unhappy stockholders.

put the freeze on someone—(U.S. sl.) ignore a person; end social contact with smb. (also: put the chill on someone):

  • Let’s put the freeze on Ted until he starts acting better.


a) The expression does not correlate in meaning with the phrase freeze on to someone—(coll.)

1. hold on to smb.; stick to a person:

  • If ever you see him again, Fentiman, freeze on to him like grim death.

2. become attached to a person:

  • He’s a lawyer and he might not freeze on to you.

b) The expression is not antonymous in meaning to the phrase turn the heat on someone—(sl.) put pressure on a person; subject smb. to a severe cross-examination (also: put the heat on someone):

  • Mukhtar is in jail in connection with an old case in which he surrendered soon after the police turned the heat on him.