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Difference between Fly high and Fly low

fly high

1. have high ambitions:

  • Ah! My boy, you are flying high. It is difficult to become a Lord Chancellor.

2. enjoy a high position in society, at work, etc.:

  • John is flying high after landing himself a hi-tech job in the computer industry.

3. (sl.) be drunk or affected by drugs:

  • The guy was on drugs—flying high and scaring everyone around him.

fly low

1. (hyperbolic, coll.) considerably exceed a speed limit while driving:

  • On the freeway I was flying low—going about 200 km per hour.

Cf.: low flying—driving far exceeding a speed limit:

  • She can now travel at her own speed, instead of low flying across Europe with Steve.

2. (euph.) used as a caution to a man having his trouser zip undone:

  • Someone walks up to you to quietly whisper in your ear that you are flying low.

3. (sl.) seek to avoid drawing attention to oneself:

  • She was flying low when she walked in so they wouldn’t notice her.