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Difference between Finish off with something and Finish with something

finish off with something

1. end up one’s meal with smth.:

  • Let’s finish off with some of that excellent cheese.

2. conclude by (doing) smth.:

  • The long meeting finished off with a prayer.

Note: The expression does not correlate in meaning with the phrase finish off something

1. (of food) finish completely:

  • The children have finished off all the fruit.

2. bring smth. to an end:

  • I finally said we must finish off the war in Italy quickly.

3. totally destroy smth.:

  • A long drive like that could finish the car off.

finish with something

1. = finish off with something 1:

  • We have some nice cake to finish with.

2. = finish off with something 2:

  • I should like to finish with reminding members of the purpose of this club.

3. (of a period of time) come to an end (on a certain date):

  • Please send your accounts for the period finishing with 31 March.

4. have no further use for smth.:

  • Have you finished with the newspaper?