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Difference between Find oneself and Lose oneself

find oneself

1. become conscious of being in a certain place or state:

  • When he regained consciousness, he found himself in the hospital.

2. discover one’s vocation; realize one’s capabilities:

  • After the war he couldn’t find himself. He was too big of a man to start over.

lose oneself

1. lose one’s way:

  • It’s easy to lose yourself in this big building.

2. fall asleep:

  • I lost myself for a few minutes during the long sermon.

3. get confused:

  • He lost himself, so many eyes were turned towards him.

4. give all one’s attention to smth.:

  • I like to sit by the fire and lose myself in a good book.

5. get out of sight; disappear:

  • The escaping prisoner was able to lose himself in the crowd.