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Difference between Fall through the cracks and Fall through the floor

fall through the cracks —(also: fall between the cracks) pass unnoticed; be neglected and not dealt with:

  • In the past, many learning disabled children fell through the cracks.

fall through the floor—(also: sink through the floor)

1. be very surprised:

  • The Security chaps nearly fell through the floor when I walked into Parliament so early, so goodness knows what they were imagining.

2. suffer extreme embarrassment:

  • We stood there with our hands crossed over our crotches in misery. I was about ready to fall through the floor with shame.

3. (of prices, sales, etc.) reach the lowest point:

  • While some vegetable prices have fallen through the floor, domestic prices for crops are markedly higher than abroad.

Cf.: hit the ceiling —(of prices, sales, etc.) increase very rapidly; surpass the expected limit (also: hit the roof ):

  • The taxi drivers were aware that the buses were not running on this particular day, and prices hit the ceiling.

Note: Neither expression correlates in meaning with the phrase fall through—(of plans, reforms, projects, etc.) not succeed; fail to be completed (also: drop through):

  • When wedding plans fell through, she decided that a holiday was the best way to get over it.