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Difference between Fall guy and Fallen man

fall guy

1. a loser or victim, especially smb. who is tricked into smth.:

  • The president cannot be considered a “fall guy,” since he is the commander in chief who ultimately ordered these military adventures.

2. a person who gets blamed when smth. goes wrong:

  • They finally dismiss an employee in response to the scandal. Is he just a fall guy or will more dismissals be forthcoming?

fallen man

1. (the Bible) said of man after the time when he sinned:

  • What is fallen man’s solution to the approach of the Judge? He retains his pride and self-reliance and runs from God.

2. (liter.) smb. whose behavior is against the principles of morality:

  • “Are you a wagering man, Dr. Waterhouse?” “I was brought up to loathe it. But my return to London is proof that I am a fallen man.”

Cf.: fallen woman—(dated) a woman who has lost her respectability because of extramarital sex:

  • Sappho runs away rather than lie to Will and trick him into marriage with a “fallen woman.”