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Difference between Acquirement, Acquisition, Attainment and Accomplishment

Difference between Excuse oneself and Make an excuse

excuse oneself

1. apologize for something:

  • A lady speaker was talking, so I excused myself for being late and introduced myself to everyone there.

2. make an apology declining or refusing smth.:

  • Schwarz was for taking everyone out for a drink, but the rabbi excused himself.

3. politely ask to be allowed to leave a room:

  • During coffee, he excused himself and went to his upstairs study to telephone Teresa.

make an excuse

1. provide reasons or justifications for one’s actions:

  • They could not make any excuse for shortening their stay at the castle.

2. = excuse oneself 1:

  • Never be in a position where you have to make an excuse for being casually dressed.