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Difference between End in and End with

end in something

1. (of things) have smth. at the end:

  • The fish resembles an eel with a broad head and a tail, which ends in a point.

2. finally result in smth.:

  • Hegemonies are impossible, and attempts at them certain to end in armament races and finally in war.

end with something

1. = end in something 1:

  • The Phoenix Bird has shining eyes of blue, and its beak ends with a sharp point.

2. = end in something 2:

  • With job alerts to keep you in the know, your job search is sure to end with a great new job.

3. finish in smth.:

  • The millennium has ended with war and the 20th century has seen more deaths from war than ever before.

4. finish by saying smth.:

  • I should like to end with reminding members of the purpose of this club.

5. terminate smth.; put an end to smth.:

  • London will demonstrate that there is a new way to finish with terrorism.

See also: end up in something / end up with something.