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Difference between Eat someone alive and Eat someone up

eat someone alive —(coll., also: eat someone for breakfast)

1. rebuke or criticize smb. severely:

  • The evolutionists will eat me alive for this, but doesn’t the intricate design of our world allow for the possibility of a creator?

2. overwhelm, harm, or thoroughly defeat a person:

  • Yes, they ate us alive but allow me to lay down some reasons why it was still an awesome game that we played!

eat someone up

1. (coll.) acclaim a person’s stage performance:

  • Wait until you see the way they’re going to eat me up in the court scene in “Saint Elba.”

2. = eat someone alive 2:

  • Others would not fail to make themselves greater or stronger by eating up their neighbors.

3. (of jealousy, desire, etc.) torment a person (often Passive):

  • His drawings and a school essay hinted at the despair that was eating him up.