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Difference between Earth people and People of the Earth

earth people

1. (also: earth-men) people whose life is closely associated with the natural or material (as opposed to the spiritual) world:

  • They are an earth people and their legend is horrific, dramatic, almost senseless.

2. (Earth people) residents of the planet Earth in science fiction (also: earth-men):

  • It was discovered that some Earth people reacted violently to visitors from outer space.

3. (sl., joc.) people who are “normal,” that is, not alcohol or drug addicted:

  • The brain of the alcoholic is different from that of “earth people.” First is the phenomenon of craving.

people of the Earth

1. people of the world; people dwelling on the earth:

  • It is essential that we people of the Earth eliminate the fearsome specters of water shortages.

2. = earth people 2:

  • It was the year 2107 and the people of the Earth had finally united in the cause of greater knowledge. Disease, famine and war had long gone away.