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Difference between Dropout and Fallout


1. a person who “drops out” from a course of study or from society:

  • Many dropouts leave school long before their senior year. The ninth grade year is a particularly difficult year for students.

2. (attrib.) is used of people who leave a course of study, membership of a society, etc.:

  • Is there a correlation between the dropout rate and the amount of money a school district spends?


1. radioactive dust or particles (created by a nuclear explosion):

  • Measurements were made on the concentration of fallout in the atmosphere and in rain water.

2. lasting negative consequences of an event or situation:

  • Our ability to have as much sugar as we crave has had serious fallout on the health of Americans.

3. = dropout 2:

  • Main reasons for this high fallout rate: financial difficulties, lack of interest, parental resistance to “useless” further education.