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Difference between Drop in and Fall in

drop in

1. collapse inwards; give way:

  • The roof of the tunnel hasn’t been properly supported; it shows signs of dropping

2. (coll.) visit a person casually:

  • He usually drops in at my place on his way home.

fall in

1. fall accidentally into smth.:

  • The child was near the river and I was frightened he would fall in.

2. = drop in 1:

  • They are afraid that the whole building will fall in on them.

3. (Military) form into ranks:

  • At first light Chelmsford ordered his men to fall in and the column marched away.

4. (legal) expire:

  • As the leases of these old properties fall in, they are being pulled down to make way for office blocks.

5. agree:

  • Once the chairman had stated his decision, the rest of the committee fell in.