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Difference between Dress someone down and Dress someone up

dress someone down

1. make smb. wear informal clothes for an occasion:

  • Craig was dressed up in a Brioni suit, and what would be the point of that if they were to dress him down for the movie?

2. (coll.) scold or reprimand a person:

  • Well, I let Chris have it, dressing him down for his beard! Needless to say, I lost a friend.

dress someone up

1. dress smb. formally; make a person wear his best clothes:

  • Mr. Wilde procured the boy a suit of clothes to dress him up like a gentleman’s son.

2. make smb. wear fancy clothing; disguise a person:

  • I dressed her up as a doctor and painstakingly made her rehearse lines for the fancy dress competition at school.