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Difference between Dog-house and Dog’s home


1. a dog kennel:

  • Heidi the rottweiler was in the doghouse yesterday after she stopped firemen reaching a kitchen blaze.

2. (sl.) bass viol:

  • You will not find the language which was attached to jazz in the first spate of magazine articles—no “dog-house” for bass.

3. a small structure of a shape suggesting a kennel:

  • Some detail can be added to the superstructure of the yachts, such as the coach roofs, doghouse and hatch covers.

Note: The expression does not correlate in meaning with the phrase cat house—(sl.) a brothel; a house of prostitution:

  • How many cat houses do you suppose there are in this town?

dog’s home—(also: dogs home) an establishment where dogs are kept and looked after:

  • Many dogs are now in the caring hands of staff at the Battersea Dogs Home, but they still have to find a permanent home.