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Difference between Do well in something and Do well out of something

do well in somethingperform well in a subject:

  • So, because I liked science, I did well in physics.

Cf.: do badly in somethingperform unsatisfactorily in a subject:

  • Students who did badly in the exam needed more practice.

do well out of somethingbenefit from smth.; make a good profit from a sale, etc.:

  • Like the arms dealers who did well out of the war, some have seen their fortunes improve beyond their wildest dreams.

Note: Neither expression correlates in meaning with the phrase make good on something

1. successfully accomplish smth.:

  • He took advantage of the guard’s attention being distracted to make good on his escape.

2. fulfill a promise:

  • The only person who has made good on his promise is Pierre Salinger, former press secretary to President Kennedy.